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Ipsario Peak & Mountain Bike

Experience Thassos's mountain Ipsario

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Ipsario Peak and Mountain Bike

Start your day powerfully combining physical activity and adventure with nature ramble and enchanting landscape viewing. Thassos Action Club is our morning meeting point. From there, we reach the path that leads to the green forest of Ipsario mountain. Hiking begins, and we gradually get deeper to richer nature as we approach the top of the mountain. When we get there, you face the fascinating view that expands from Samothraki island and the Turkish coastline to Halkidiki.
After enjoying the majestic view, we are ready for more intense activity. Bring adrenaline up by mountain biking your way down to the village. You have a 5 km route to experience freedom and joy through speed and adventure until we return back to our base full of unique images and outstanding memories.
For this activity, basic physical condition and of course desire for adventure and exploration are required.


Start your day powerfu
Departure/ Return Location: Thassos Action Club
Departure time: 07,30
Return time: 12:00-14:00
Price per Person: 30€
Provided: Mountain bikes
Camera / action camera
Snacks and water
You should bring: comfortable clothes and shoes, bathing suit, towel, hat, extra
Activity level: Medium
Suitability: Suitable for all

Typical schedule

08.00 Meeting at Thassos Action Club base
08.20 Cycle to Potamia Village
08.40 Hiking to the top
10.40 Enjoy the view, explore the mountain
11.00 Break for a snack
11.30 The way back to Potamia
13.00 Get your bike
13.20 Cycle to Golden Beach